What people are saying about our programs:

“I like the calm, supportive atmosphere and the gentle approach that allows me to proceed at my own pace.” B.K., artist

“I was amazed at how quickly and easily I was able to change a long-standing habit.” M.N., executive

“What I experienced was a feeling of safety - I could let go and be myself.” C.S., student

“I had never seen so clearly how much I had stored my feelings in my body - no wonder I’ve had so many problems. Finally I’m beginning to see a way out.” A.D., homemaker

“It’s incredible! After all that anger release work at last week’s session, I haven’t had any of my usual chronic headaches.” R.A., computer analyst

“I was able to get clearer about what I want in my life, and how to create it.” G.J., entrepreneur

“It helped me to get in touch with the underlying experiences from the past which led to the tensions in my body, to tap into the bodymind connection which I had heard about but had not experienced. It helped me to be with the feelings and find creative ways of working with them.” L.M., musician